• The Grueling 5-Day Novel Challenge

    I’m behind on my writing goals, but I think I have the answer: finish the manuscript draft with a 5-day novel challenge.

  • The Ultimate Guide on How to Market a Book

    Joanna Penn’s How to Market a Book is essential reading for any author.  From setting up your author page to executing a soft launch, Penn tells you how to market your book.  She also explains which strategies you should consider for fiction and non-fiction, as well as for traditional and self-publishing, authors.

  • My Book Cover is in Progress… What will it be?

    My book cover is in progress, and I’ve been corresponding with my cover designer, Bookfly Design, over the past week.  Last night, Kira said they’re set. Now I feel like a kid the week before Christmas… the anticipation is killing me.  

  • Make Your Story Grid with What Fantastic Editors Know

    Shawn Coyne’s The Story Grid: What Good Editors Know provides an editor’s analytical insights on what it takes to write a satisfying (and successful) story.  For Shawn, writing a good story is about identifying the parts that work and the parts that don’t.

  • How to Make Your Cover Copy Brilliant with 6 Simple Statements

    Keep in mind that the back cover copy is essential to successfully promoting your book.  It’s likely the second thing, after the cover, a potential reader will look at when they are deciding whether or not to purchase/read your book.  For that reason, it’s important to cater to readers’ expectations and give them a reason […]