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5-Day Novel Draft Challenge Accepted

The Grueling 5-Day Novel Challenge


I’m behind on my writing goals, but I think I have the answer: finish the manuscript draft with a 5-day novel challenge.

How to Make Your Back Cover Copy Brilliant

How to Make Your Cover Copy Brilliant with 6 Simple Statements


Keep in mind that the back cover copy is essential to successfully promoting your book.  It’s likely the second thing, after the cover, a potential reader will look at when they are deciding whether or not to purchase/read your book.  For that reason, it’s important to cater to readers’ expectations and give them a reason […]

Why I'm Writing and Self-Publishing this Book

Why I’m Writing and Self-Publishing this Book


Ideas find us; we don’t find them. Before my son was born, I had an idea for a novel. Like most reasonable people, I ignored it.  Since it won’t leave me alone, I have to write and self-publish Oz and the Fury.